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The 2016 scholarship winner is:

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Ms. Cynthia Bergloff

Major: Linguistics and American Indian Studies

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


The scholarship will be awarded at this year’s festival opening ceremony on Friday September 9th.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

It is our pleasure to announce that Cynthia Bergloff is the 2016 Wisconsin Pink Shawl Initiative’s Julie’s Spirit Scholarship recipient. Cynthia is currently a Linguistics and American Indian Studies student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her focus with the degree is looking at literacy and language preservation in Indigenous communities. She is entering her 5th year of undergraduate studies after taking a two year gap from her education. During these gap years, Cynthia dedicated her time to service with AmeriCorps, with the programs City Year Seattle and Playworks Wisconsin. While doing service in schools that are historically underserved, she understood the importance of representation of Native leadership and representation within educational systems. With these experiences, she is returning to complete her undergraduate degree with a new excitement for her educational and career aspirations.

In addition to her education during the 2016-2017 school year, Cynthia will be participating in a fellowship called “Young People For,” an organization through “People For the American Way.” During this fellowship, she will be leveraging her educational and service experiences to create a “Blueprint for Social Justice.” The Blueprint for Social Justice is a community-based, sustainable project created by a Fellow to address a need in his or her local area. She aims to collaborate with local community members to support the Native youth in the Milwaukee area. She is also a part of the “Voter and Civic Engagement Program” in the fellowship and will be working towards voter mobilization of traditionally marginalized communities.

Cynthia’s passions lie in social-emotional learning, literacy and educational equity of youth in under served communities. With the combination of her experience, education and passion for her work, Cynthia aims to create a support and mentorship network for Indigenous youth.

Congratulations from all of the Wisconsin Pink Shawls.  The scholarship program is solely supported through the promotion of an annual Spirit Scholarship T- Shirt featuring a turtle design.  Your help is needed to keep this Spirit Alive – please stop by our outreach booth to make your donation and pick up your t-shirt.

The Wisconsin Pink Shawl Initiative is happy to announce that Julie’s Spirit Scholarship will be offered for a fourth year.

Download Application

All Wisconsin Native women attending school full time are encouraged to submit an application. The deadline for the 2015 scholarship application is July 10th, 2015. The Wisconsin Pink Shawls along with the Education Committee and Julie’s friend and family who established the scholarship in her name are grateful for the support of the community to keep the scholarship funded. 100% of the proceeds from our Spirit T- Shirt – goes directly to the scholarship fund. Please help us keep the fund going with the donation of $15.


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Julie Darrough passed away due to breast cancer on October 18, 2012.  After her own diagnosis, she chose to fight the cancer both personally and by bringing awareness to the community, and by mentoring women who were also diagnosed with breast cancer.   She was a founding member of the Wisconsin Pink Shawls and played an important role in connecting ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis) to the Native American community.  Being a strong woman, in spite of her humble beginnings, Julie ran a successful business, raised a family, and gave much to her community.  An enthusiastic giver and doer, Julie was also a dedicated Board member of Indian Summer Festivals.  Julie valued education, and graduated with honors from UWM with a degree in teaching.

This scholarship has been established to honor Julie’s memory and to provide a means for her generosity, tenacity and love of life to live on.


American Indian-Must submit proof of tribal enrollment or descent.  Descent is defined as having one or more ancestor(s) who is/(are) tribally enrolled.

Must be a female admitted to and attending an institution of higher education.

Must be a resident of the State of Wisconsin.

Preference given to applicants who have had service to the Indian Community.

Applicants who have previously received a scholarship are eligible to apply.

Must be a full time student to be eligible for the $1000 scholarship.

Only complete applications will be considered. Download Application


          1. Scholarship application (reverse side)

          2. Goal statement

          3. List of community service

          4. Most recent transcript

5. Two letters of recommendation from other than relatives

6. Proof of tribal enrollment or descent

Mail or fax completed application to:

Julie’s Spirit Memorial Scholarship

Fax no.:  (414) 229-5930    c/o American Indian Student Services

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

P. O. Box 413, Bolton 195

Milwaukee, WI  53201

                          APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 10, 2016

                                  NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

                    Questions regarding the application process can be directed to:
Diane Amour, (414) 229-5880 or